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#12 - 04.04.2013, 04:34:07: Michael Homepage
Thank you very, very much for your congratulations! Enjoy the site...
#11 - 07.03.2013, 21:22:56: William B. Falck E-Mail
#10 - 21.01.2013, 18:52:25: Dirk Rijmenants E-Mail Homepage
Another milestone in Enigma's cryptologic heritage. The secret of the samous third message finally reveiled. A hard not to crack. Fantastic! Congrats to Dan and Michael.
#9 - 14.01.2013, 16:10:53: Ralph Erskine
Hearty congratulations to Dan Girard for solving the famous 'third' Enigma message from Stefan Krah´s M4 Message Breaking Project with the help of extensive research by Michael Hörenberg.
#8 - 29.12.2012, 18:22:53: Willis kilpatric E-Mail
Very kewl. Congratulations
#7 - 24.08.2012, 19:51:45: Beta E-Mail
Outstanding achievement! Congratulations for your dedication and hard work! Could we download the decryption software, for testing? Many thanks...
#6 - 18.08.2012, 10:56:27: Ralph Erskine
Congratulations on a superb achievement - well done!
#5 - 15.08.2012, 16:56:51: Dirk Rijmenants E-Mail Homepage
Congratulations, Michael! This is a truly outstanding achievement and great news to the crypto community. I hope you will succeed in breaking all U-534 messages. Also nice to see Hartwig Looks' war diary rise to the surface, confirming the results of the M4 message breaking project.

Keep up the good work!
#4 - 15.08.2012, 14:53:02: Peter Hendriks E-Mail
Well done! Those WW2 messages can be hard. Respect!

Hint: you might want to contact the owners of those 2 websites, there are tons of code breaking enthusiasts, some are very experienced with Engima machines + messages.
#3 - 11.08.2012, 15:12:31: Paul Reuvers, Crypto Museum E-Mail Homepage
Hello Michael. Congratulations with your first results. I will read the messages with great interest. I have posted it as news on our website.

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