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#28 - 09.12.2020, 22:08:18: Michael
Hi Tim. As described in the article it was a crib based attack. All the best Michael.
#27 - 02.12.2020, 22:16:45: Tim55
Very interesting. Googled M4, because of the found last days. From Wikipedia to this page.
BREAKING THE LAST “H.M.S. HURRICANE” INTERCEPT - What is the concept of breaking the last message? Brute force crip text?
#26 - 28.10.2020, 17:31:49: Andrei
Very interesting materials! I've come here from Wikipedia. I've always wondered how simple yet powerful these cipher machines were... The messages are still hard to attack despite the machines were invented about 100 years ago... Not even in 1940's
#25 - 04.12.2019, 08:08:36: Slawek E-Mail
Dear Michael,
Thank you very much.
All the best,
#24 - 16.11.2019, 01:21:32: Michael Homepage
Dear Slawek. Great job. Great looking machine! All the best Michael.
#23 - 25.10.2019, 12:27:07: Slawek E-Mail
hallo, ich lasse dich einen der chiffretexte auf deiner seite benutzen, um mein elektronisches rätsel zu überprüfen

#22 - 14.02.2018, 08:50:11: Jonathan Robert De Mallie E-Mail Homepage
Thank - You for all you have done and well.


Jonathan Robert De Mallie
#21 - 08.01.2017, 23:18:54: Tom E-Mail Homepage
nice to touch with the practical reality of the subject matter and to see the fragments of evidence preserved. excellent!
kind regards
#20 - 14.10.2016, 16:49:24: Kris E-Mail
Please correct my previous entry - SK (End Of Transmission) is "dit dit dit dash dit dash". Sorry for the typo, Morse code is an audio language, not a written language.

#19 - 14.10.2016, 16:38:50: Kris Francis E-Mail
Please correct this small error: In Morse Code, end of contact is SK (sent as "dit dit dit dash dit") sent as one letter, NOT VA "dit dit dit dash dit dash). In Morse code, there's a difference between SK and V A, as SK implies End Of Contact, and "V A" has no implicit meaning.



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