Enigma Links

The Enigma R.D.E Project : Link

The ENIGMA machine at cryptomuseum.com : cryptomuseum.com/crypto/enigma/index.htm

The ENIGMA machine at wikipedia.org : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enigma_machine

ENIGMA Message Procedures: users.telenet.be/d.rijmenants/en/enigmaproc.htm

Turing Bombe: ellsbury.com/bombe2.htm

Frode Weierud's CryptoCellar: cryptocellar.org/

Frode Weierud's Blog: cryptocellartales.blogspot.de/

Stefan Krah´s famous M4 Project: bytereef.org/m4_project.html

ENIGMA Simulator: users.telenet.be/d.rijmenants/en/enigmasim.htm (freeware)

The ENIGMA distributed computing project: Enigma@Home

Cryptanalysis: CrypTool 2 (freeware)

Mystery Twister C3: The crypto challenge contest

Video: The salvage of U534

German Krypto Blog: Klaus Schmeh (scienceblogs.de)

Uboat.net: uboat.net

The ultimate ENIGMA Replica from Klaus Kopacz (for sale) : enigmamuseum.com

Michael´s KRYPTOS Page