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#20 - 14.10.2016, 16:49:24: Kris E-Mail
Please correct my previous entry - SK (End Of Transmission) is "dit dit dit dash dit dash". Sorry for the typo, Morse code is an audio language, not a written language.

#19 - 14.10.2016, 16:38:50: Kris Francis E-Mail
Please correct this small error: In Morse Code, end of contact is SK (sent as "dit dit dit dash dit") sent as one letter, NOT VA "dit dit dit dash dit dash). In Morse code, there's a difference between SK and V A, as SK implies End Of Contact, and "V A" has no implicit meaning.


#18 - 18.08.2015, 03:47:43: Michael Homepage
Dear Brad. Thank you very much. Please contact me via the contact formular...

All the best

#17 - 10.08.2015, 06:22:24: Brad Golding E-Mail
Dear Michael.

Just stumbled across your great site. Many thanks for such an informative site. I look forward to seeing more.

I am seeking a digital or photo copy of 2 particular code books with the tables in them. One is the Kenngruppen Buch and the other is the Kurzsignalnuch. Do you know of a source?

Take care and keep well.
#16 - 25.04.2015, 00:58:34: Michael Homepage
There are some improvements you can do to accelerate the hillclimbing process. Feel free to contact me. Michael
#15 - 10.04.2015, 11:01:01: scherbius E-Mail
Is there any other trick to break any completly unknown enigma m3 message? Because I have found some and with hillclimbing it would take me years or more to crack them....
#14 - 08.03.2015, 17:59:50: DL4KE E-Mail
A very interesting site. I've an DIY enigma-e ( and when there is a bit time, i'll try to decode some of the ur listet messages.
One of the examples that i get deciphert where "Hitler ist tot der Krieg geht weiter - Doenitz - General".
Getting allways goose pimples when letter for letter the past comes present on that way.
#13 - 12.10.2014, 00:12:25: Ken Wigger E-Mail
I enjoyed visiting your site today!

Ken Wigger
German American Cultural Heritage
#12 - 04.04.2013, 04:34:07: Michael Homepage
Thank you very, very much for your congratulations! Enjoy the site...
#11 - 07.03.2013, 21:22:56: William B. Falck E-Mail

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